The Class of 1953 - Woodruff High School 

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Helps for accessing the site

About the site: The WHS53 web information is created in Google Drive. The site creates slide presentations as well as spreadsheets and documents.  Names and information are on the web and if you determine that your info should be not accessible on the web, let us know and we shall fix it. All the sites are free, no charge to us.

Slide Presentations: The slides in the presentations emulate PowerPoint. Some are timed to advance on their own, others need your mouse click or use of the navigation bar at the bottom left.


Navigation: Your browser shows a "TAB" above to indicate you are in the site. As you enter a presentation, it opens in a new tab, so there will be multiple tabs shown. There is a small "x" on each tab - clicking closes that tab.

You move about in each presentation with a click of the mouse or the scroll wheel. [Or it may be timed]

The ESC [escape key] closes any presentation.

The image above shows that we are in 1: the site [1953whs 2: Sports 3: Study Hall

The tab we are viewing, Sports, is highlighted  and has an "x" for closing that tab.


There is a keyboard shortcut for closing you current tab: CTL W